Correctly Cleaning and Maintaining Work Shoes – This Will Ensure Your Safety Shoes and Occupational Footwear Have a Long Service Life

People often overlook the necessity of maintaining work shoes, which means they must buy a new pair of shoes in a short time. However, safety shoes and professional shoes are very expensive, so you need to understand the importance of regular cleaning, because correct maintenance can not only extend the life of the product, but also improve wearing comfort.

Store work shoes properly
Safety shoes and professional shoes are usually purchased as a reserve or do not need to be used for a long time. Therefore, you should ensure that shoes are stored correctly under these conditions. However, safety shoes and professional shoes should not be stored for too long, because their protective performance will change over time, which means that the outsole will no longer meet the necessary requirements.

However, if you have no choice but to store safety shoes and professional shoes, you should store them in a cardboard box. They are not suitable for storage in plastic bags as this can lead to the formation of mold.

In addition, the storage temperature must not exceed 25°C, and the air humidity must not exceed 70%.

Clean and maintain work shoes
In order to properly maintain safety shoes and professional shoes, it is particularly important to dry them after each use-leather shoes need at least 24 to 48 hours to dry completely. Therefore, it is recommended to use a second pair of safety shoes. Due to these longer regeneration phases, this also prolongs the corresponding service life of the shoe.

The place to shine the shoes is also an important factor. Wet shoes must not be dried on a heater under any circumstances, and fan heaters or shoe dryers must not be used. Especially leather shoes will become hard and brittle, leading to premature wear of the shoes. Therefore, they should be dried in a well-ventilated space.

If your work shoes are wet, unfasten them completely and then tuck them in with paper. Let them dry slowly and, if necessary, replace the wet paper until the shoes are completely dry.

Before wiping dry with a brush and warm water, you should carefully remove heavy stains on your work shoes, because dirt will seriously affect their breathability and affect the climate inside the shoes. After cleaning, we recommend treating the shoes with standard care products and impregnating agents.